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Welcome to the eScout website (the website). When you visit this website, cookies may be placed and read on your computer, as described below and after you have consented to this use of cookies. This website belongs to and is managed by Sports Talent Technology Holding BV.  
When we refer to cookies, we mean all technology used to place data on or read data from your device. The most common cookies are small (text)files that a webpage server sets upon visiting a webpage and can later recognise again. Other techniques are javascripts, web beacons (tags), pixels, local storage or device-fingerprinting. We refer to all of these as ‘cookies’.

1. Analytics  

1.1 We use Google Analytics to obtain insight in the use of the website. In order for us to use these services, Google places and reads cookies via our website. For details on these cookies and their expiration term, see Google's page on Analytics cookies. Based on the information Google gathers with these cookies, it generates aggregated reports (web statistics) for us relating to the use of our website. Google can also include certain additional information of their own in those reports, such as affinity category (interest profile) of groups of website visitors.  


1.2 We use these aggregated reports to analyse the use of the website and get a better picture of the visitors of our website (audience- and market analysis); adapt the website to our audience; improve navigation on the Website; solve errors; and by all this enhance the user experience on the website.  

2. YouTube 

2.1 For showing you videos on the website we use YouTube, through which Google may place cookies. For more information on Google’s cookies, including for YouTube, click here.  

3. Advertisements 

3.1 In order to provide suitable advertising on the website, we use cookies from DoubleClick, TrackJS and Google Analytics. Our partners might share limited information on the online advertising platform where advertisers can buy our advertising space. This allows us to show you relevant and targeted advertisements, within the limits of applicable law. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

4. Legal compliance 

4.1 We need to be able to prove that we have obtained consent for the use of cookies described above. For this purpose, we may use a cookie.


5. Google 

5.1 Please note that apart from providing us with its analytics, video and advertising services, Google may also process the data gathered with its cookies for its own purposes and/or use the cookies for tracking you on other websites. We have limited insight in and no control over this. For more information we refer to Google’s own privacy documents: How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps; and the Google privacy policy


5.2 Google also has headquarters and other establishments outside of the EU and may transfer data gathered with their cookies to such establishments. If you have consented to cookies, you have equally consented to the related data transfer. 

6. Don’t want cookies? 

6.1 We do not have the option to refuse or turn off (certain) cookies on the Website. However, there are various ways for you to prevent that (tracking) cookies are placed on or read from your browser. You can opt-out from Google Analytics. Furthermore various cookie blocking services exist, such as Disconnect or Ghostery. You can also adapt your cookie settings in your browser. On this possibility you can find more information on  

6.2 Please do note, that when you block cookies, you may sometimes need to manually adapt your settings when visiting the website which (partly) doesn’t function without cookies. Blocking our cookies described above, however, will not impede your use of the website. We nevertheless attach great value to these cookies, as without them, we would obtain less insight in our visitors and their actions on our Website, giving us less input to optimize the user experience. Without cookies you may not be able to watch videos on our website and we would be unable to show you targeted advertisements.  

7. Parental consent 

7.1 Are you younger than 16? Then you must show this cookie statement to your parent or legal guardian, and ask them to manage your cookie consent. Your parents or legal guardian may also withdraw consent by blocking cookies on your device.  

8. Links to other websites  

8.1 The website contains links and buttons leading you to websites of our partners, such as Real Madrid, or our Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. When you click on such a link or button you will leave our website and go to a website controlled by the relevant partner or (social) media provider. Please read the privacy and cookie statements there, as this cookie statement does not apply to such other websites. 

9. Cookies and personal data  

9.1 The use of cookies can imply the processing of personal data such as a unique cookie ID combined with other data. We and/or the third party involved qualify as the data controller for such processing of personal data. The use of cookies and any processing of personal data in that context is based on your informed consent, or a necessity to record consent status so we can comply with our legal obligations.  


9.2 For information on your rights with regard to the processing of personal data, please see the ‘Your rights’ paragraph in our Privacy Policy for the eScout app, as published on this website  

10. Contact 

10.1 If you want to exercise your rights or have any questions about this Cookies Statement, please contact us using our details below.

Please be aware that this Cookies Statement may regularly be updated.

We advise you to read the latest version of the Cookies Statement and the Privacy Policy periodically. 

Last update: 23 May 2018

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