This policy describes our privacy practices – what information we collect on our visitors and users, how we collect it, what we do with it, how we protect it, and your rights regarding your information.

Are you younger than 16 years? Then you must show this privacy policy to your parent or legal guardian, and ask them to provide any requested consent for processing your data.
By accessing or using the Real Madrid eScout app or any of our services including the Real Madrid eScout website, you acknowledge that you understand this Privacy Policy.


Welcome to the Real Madrid eScout app (the app) that you can use as a talent to show your football skills, and/or as a scout to discover the talents of others. With the app you can participate in a global competition, win prizes and maybe even go to a talent event. If you install the app, register and use the app, we will process certain of your personal data as explained below. Sports Talent Technology Holding BV is the data controller for the processing of these personal data.

1. What personal data does the app use and collect?

1.1 The app uses various types of personal data, starting with the data required for downloading the app (app-store and device ID, kind of device and operating system, IP address), followed by the permission settings you choose and information you provide during the installation process and setup of the app and your account, including your first name, country and date of birth. For your account you will get an eScout ID / username and you will login using either e-mail address and password or your social media account (Facebook or Google). We do not ask for, nor store your last name.

1.2 When you use the app, we will process and store the further input you enter into the app and some of the actions you may perform using the app. You can view the information within the app on your dashboard and in the timeline. This processed information includes your profile photo and profile information you add, uploaded videos, answers to quiz questions, information to connect with friends and your participation in teams. We also store your performance in the app like: results and your level, acquired stars or points, received prizes, number of views of your videos, ratings and referrals. This will be processed and stored. This will additionally include the rating, referrals you have given, consistence of their team, and progress of their team members. We also register date and time of your actions within the app, but only for technical purposes.

2. Why do we need personal data?

2.1 Most importantly, we process data through the app so you and other users can use the app and its functionalities together. Most functionalities of the app require the processing of personal data through the app and our underlying and connected systems. Management and maintenance of the app may also require processing of personal data. Without processing of personal data, the app would not work, the competition would be impossible, and the users of the app would not be able to view and rate, follow or like each other.


2.2 Creating an account

We process personal data, so you can register, and we can authenticate you as a user, ask for your age for child protection purposes and determine whether you are allowed use the app. We use your data to create your account and allow you to login, complete your profile, participate in the competition and connect with you friends and teams in the app.

2.3 Enable user interaction

Vital for the app and competition is the interaction between users of the app. The users determine the competition by viewing and rating their connected friends’ and other talents’ profiles, moves and accomplishments. To allow for this interaction and the competition, we need to process user data. If you have consented to this, we show your public profile to other users and if you are a talent, we show your moves to in the form of uploaded videos to scouts registered in the app.


2.4 Connect with friends

To allow you to invite friends to Real Madrid eScout through social media and to connect with friends we process information for friend and team connections and the fact that you connected with other users or belong to teams. Once you connect with a friend in the app, you can see their achievements in their timeline and they can see yours. Talents will be seen by other players that will be able to judge and comment on their talent friends. Talents can see how they are doing compared to other talents in the rankings. Talents can see how they are doing compared to other users in the rankings. The talent rankings are displayed on friend, team, national and worldwide level. So, if you are a talent, your public profile might also be included in these ranking overviews.


2.5 Selecting the talents shown to scouts

With many talents participating in the app, we need to make a selection of what videos to show. The app does this automatically, partly based on personal data, such as location, friend connections and previous views. Using such data, we ensure that other users will be able to judge family and friends, local and global talents, making it as fun and interesting as possible.  

2.6 Allocating stars, rankings, prizes

When you use the app you can earn stars, move to higher levels, be included in the rankings, win prizes, etcetera. For talents these things are mostly based on ratings given to them by other users, and on the progress of their team, but also on other elements such as your answers to quiz questions. Our system keeps track of all these relevant actions (both your own as other users’ action in relation to you) to then use that information to calculate your stars, level, ranking and prizes. In principle these calculations and selections are automated, but users who get extra prizes and users who are invited to the talent event will be manually selected based on information from the app.


2.7 Dissemination on the Real Madrid eScout Platform

We can give broader exposure to talents on the Real Madrid eScout Platform, including the Real Madrid eScout website, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube channel among others. For example, talents receiving prizes can be mentioned on the Platform and the videos of talents can be included in our YouTube channel. We will only include your videos (and first name, age and country of origin) on the Real Madrid eScout Platform.

2.8 Get you involved

We use your data to enthusiasm you for the app, stimulate you to participate, learn and compete, intensifying the experience of the app. We may do so by showing you results of your friends, teams and other notifications, updates and information.

2.9 Further sharing

Apart from the sharing of your data as part of the interactive functionalities of the app, we may also share your personal data with third parties such as football clubs. This is further explained in the paragraph below on sharing personal data.

2.10 Analytics and statistics

We may aggregate personal data collected via the app for analysis and statistic purposes, for example to analyse the use of the app and our user base characteristics. Such analysis will never be on an individual level and the outcome will be anonymous and impossible to trace back to any individual user; you or anybody else. An example of such anonymous outcome could be: 80% of the users indicated the right foot as their preferred foot.


2.11 Advertisement

Another purpose for which your personal data may be processed, is advertisement. In principle, the app will show you non-personalised advertisement. Advertisement can come from various advertisers, who buy our advertising space through an online platform. We work with partners for this; please see section 11 to view their privacy policy.

2.12 If you are under the age of 16, we will not use your data for behavioural advertising. We may however still adapt content of advertisement served within the app to certain groups of our users, based on their account profile. For example, we may show certain advertisement to our users in a certain country, in a certain age category, who indicated a certain player as their favourite. Such advertisement would not be specifically adapted to you, but to a category of users. Are you part of that category? Then we may show you that advertisement.

2.13 Security and legal compliance

Last, we process personal data for securing the app and the access to accounts (e.g. your login data) and for compliance with legal obligations, for example to check users’ age so we can comply with specific rules that apply in relation to minors, but also administration obligations, authority requests for data or orders to provide data in relation to infringement of third party rights.



3. Sharing personal data with third parties

3.1 We work with various third parties, and would like to provide some of them with certain of your personal data, but only if you request or otherwise allow us to do so. We will therefore request your consent for the sharing of your data, specifying the data to be shared, the identity of the party to be shared with and the purposes for which that party would use your data. If you give your consent and we share your data accordingly, that third party will become the data controller for its use of your personal data.


3.2 The third parties that we may share your personal data with include professional football clubs, such as Real Madrid CF.


3.3 We may work with and connect with other applications, such as fitness apps. If you want to, our app could then share relevant data with your selected other apps.


3.4 In order to provide suitable advertising into the app, we can share limited information with our advertising partners and the online advertising platform where advertisers can buy our advertising space.  



4. Device permissions: what & why

4.1 As the permissions asked by apps often raise questions, please find below some further explanation on the app’s permissions for your device.


4.2 If you use that app, it asks permission for the camera, so you can use the app to make videos of your moves and upload them into your account. This permission will only give the app access to the videos that you have recorded using the app’s video functionality. It does not give us any access to other videos or media on your device. If you do not allow the app to access the camera, you can still use the app by allowing the app access to your photo and video library.

4.3 The app requests both scouts and talents to turn on location services, giving the app permission to access your GPS location data. For this purpose, uploaded videos will get a location code if the location services are activated. In the scout app we can also use location data to show targeted advertisement. The access to GPS location data is only active when you are using the app.


4.4 Last, the app will ask you to allow notifications outside of the app (push messages). This way, we can inform you of events in the app, also when the app is not active. This does not give us access to any of your data, but does allow us to send alerts to you and keep you updated of activities in the app and/or your account, such as a new challenge or video, your results, received prizes and those of your friends or team members. We hope the notifications will inspire you to actively participate in the app and keep you involved.



5. Your consent / Parental consent

5.1 When we process personal data based on your consent, we request your consent clearly and separately. Examples are when the app requests permissions; when you can indicate to allow the sharing of personal data with certain partners; or where you can opt-in for emailing and other forms of communications. We will specify the scope and limits of the consent on the moment of the request. In as much as possible, the app will give you an option to refuse or to decide later.

5.2 You will always be able to withdraw your consent. To withdraw your consent, please contact us, using the email account you registered with. In this case, we will immediately and irrevocably delete all your data from our files. You will be permanently and irrevocably removed from the competition. You may also manage your optional consents through the privacy settings within your account.

5.3 Are you younger than 16 years? Then you must show this privacy policy to your parent or legal guardian, and ask them to provide any requested consent for processing your data. Your parents or legal guardian can also withdraw consent by sending us a notification that they withdraw consent they or you may have given as described in 5.2 above.


6. Buttons and links from partners

6.1 The app can contain buttons linking to websites or web shops of our partners, such as Real Madrid. When you click on such a button you will enter an online environment controlled by the relevant partner, even if it looks like you are still within the app. Please read our partner’s privacy statement when you click on such a button, because our privacy statement does not apply to our partners’ online environments (websites/web shops).



7. Access to personal data

7.1 As explained above, your public profile or parts thereof will be visible to other users of the app, including talents, scouts and/or your Real Madrid eScout friends or team members.


7.2 Apart from that, personal data collected through the app may be accessed by authorised eScout employees, who need this access to perform their tasks in relation to the purposes described in this policy and only to the extent that this is necessary for these purposes. These employees are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and we have minimized the access as much as possible.

7.3 We may engage carefully selected trusted parties to provide services in the context of the app. They are data processors and only have access to the app data in as far as this is necessary for these services. Data processors are prohibited to use the data for anything else than the agreed purpose.


8. Your rights

8.1 You have the right to withdraw your consent for the processing of personal data at any time and to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. To withdraw your consent, please contact us, using the email account you registered with.


8.2 You have the right of access and (if inaccurate) rectification of your personal data. In certain situations you also have the right to erasure of data, restriction of processing or the right to object based on your specific circumstances, for example if data processing is redundant or unlawful. To request a copy of your data, please contact us on, using the email account you registered with.


8.3 If you want to exercise your rights, or if you have a question, feedback, or complaint in relation to the processing of your personal data by the app, please contact us using our contact details below or the contact form on

8.4 We may need to verify the identity of the person withdrawing consent of sending requests, in order to prevent abuse of these options by someone else than you or your parents / legal guardians.

9. Legal basis

9.1 We process personal data primarily based on your consent and the necessity to process personal data in order to perform the services agreement between us and you, more specifically, to enable you to use the app and all its functionalities such as participation in the global competition. Apart from this, we may process certain personal data based on our legitimate interests in properly managing and securing the app. Part of the processing of personal data from the app may be also based on a necessity for complying with our legal obligations.


9.2 As far as possible, the provision of information and consent is optional, but certain fields are mandatory, because without it we cannot properly provide the app and its main functionalities. If you do not provide those crucial data or consents, you may not be able to use the app.

10. International data transfer

10.1 We store the personal data collected via the app only in international data centers from Microsoft. As the app competition and interaction is global, personal data is processed outside of the European Union because you are outside of the European Union yourself; or because you participate in the competition and personal app data is also shown to other users in countries outside of the European Union. These data transfers are part of your use of the app and/or participation in the competition, being services that you requested and obtain from us. The data transfers inherent to those services are necessary for the performance of our related services agreement with you.

11. Data processors

We use the following Data Processors. Please refer to their privacy policies:
•    Microsoft:
•    Google Firebase:
•    WIX:
•    Doubleclick:
•    Google Analytics:
•    TrackJS:

12. Contact 

If you want to exercise your rights or have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us using our details below:

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